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What we do

Game Changers is the UK's leading nuclear innovation programme, finding solutions and developing technologies to overcome some of the most complex challenges facing the nuclear industry.

We provide a platform to connect challenge owners and solution providers and our tried and tested innovation process delivers results.

Our challenges are open to anyone from any sector who can offer a viable solution including SMEs, universities, research organisations and large companies.

Ideas are submitted through a very simple application process and the best projects are selected for funding, available in two phases:

  • Feasibility grants of up to £10,000 support an initial exploration of ideas and concepts
  • Projects showing early promise are awarded larger proof of concept grants

You can learn more about the funding available by downloading our funding FAQs.

In partnership

Game Changers is delivered by the National Nuclear Laboratory and FIS360 Ltd's team of commercialisation experts. Our role is to guide challenge owners and programme applicants through the innovation process, maximising the commercial potential of technologies and the chance of full implementation on nuclear sites.

We have three nuclear sector partners, each with distinct challenges and unique opportunities for innovation. Details about these opportunities can be found below and also on our challenge pages where you can find information about our open innovation calls.

Sellafield Ltd

National Nuclear Laboratory


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