The initial application process has been designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible, the intention being for you to succinctly articulate your concept, technology or techniques so that they can be quickly appreciated and assessed.

To date, over 170 applications have been made to the Game Changers Innovation Programme, all starting by submission of this simple form.

Please download the Game Changers Application Form.docx  (Word doc, 80kb) and, once completed, email to

In addition, you are also required to submit a poster presentation of your project / technology as part of your application.

Please refer to this page on our website for further information on this requirement.

What happens next?

Upon receiving the application, the Game Changers Team shall assign a unique reference number (URN) to the application and all accompanying information. This URN shall be used in all future correspondence regarding this specific application.

We shall confirm receipt of your application and, where possible, provide an indication of timescales for decisions on the application and any financial awards to be made.

After initial assessment by Game Changers (FIS360 and NNL), relevant personnel from Sellafield Ltd and NNL are assigned to gather an expert opinion on the proposed technology, determine the need for it and its suitability for funding.

The applicant is then contacted to communicate the outcome of this stage.

If your application is successful…

A brief explanation on the next steps will be communicated along with any initial feedback on the application. A mentor is assigned to each project, who will contact with the applicant with instructions on the further documentation to provide (Business Case, Project Plan and Poster summary of the proposal), with templates forwarded to the applicant.

If the application is not successful…

Reasons for declining the application shall be provided / explained. If appropriate, there may the opportunity for Game Changers to forward the application to other teams at Sellafield or NNL who may be interested in the proposal. Should you not wish this to happen, please state on the application form.