Asset Management Briefing Event Sets Out Challenges for Nuclear Construction

By June 18, 2019Events, Nuclear

Nuclear energy giants Sellafield Ltd and EDF face a shared challenge in their quest for innovative asset management systems to support whole lifecycle tracking. They outlined details of the challenge at a recent event and invited hi-tech smart solutions from SMEs, individuals and large organisations.

More than 100 delegates attended the event in Birmingham on Tuesday 4th June,  hosted by the Game Changers Innovation Programme.

Keynote speakers Alex Walsh, Sellafield’s head of planning implementation, and Laurie Mather, asset information and systems manager at EDF Energy, Hinckley Point C, were among those who explained that although done well and safely by both organisations, asset management is too labour intensive and needs to be smarter and streamlined.

Organisations and individuals unable to attend the event who are interested in finding out more about the challenge and applying to take part will find application forms and details here on the Game Changers website:

Physical Asset Management Challenge

Game Changers Application Process

The deadline for applications is noon, Friday, June 21.

EDF is building two new nuclear reactors in Somerset and Sellafield has multi-billion pound investment plans for new nuclear waste processing and storage facilities at its West Cumbria site.

Both companies need innovative asset management solutions that allow them to track new assets for these operations throughout their entire life cycle, from procurement to decommissioning.

Benefits offered by such solutions will include the ability to track new assets at all times wherever they may be and to assess the condition of assets.

The Game Changers Innovation Programme supports Sellafield’s long-term decommissioning targets. It invites innovative technologies, concepts and methods that may help Sellafield achieve those targets.