Non-invasive imaging of in-ground structures

Closes on Friday, 26th of April

Sellafield Ltd is seeking technologies and approaches to identify the presence and composition of subsurface structures in the vicinity of buildings on the Sellafield site.

Measuring waste bed liquor levels

Applications are now closed

Sellafield Ltd would like to explore techniques and technology which may be used to measure the liquor level within sludge beds inside waste storage silos.

General application

Closes on Tuesday, 31st of December

Applications for the Game Changers scheme are always welcome for any project or technology which could support nuclear innovation. If you have an idea which you think might be of interest to Sellafield, NNL or Dounreay we'd love to hear from you.

Non-destructive inspection of redundant flasks

Applications are now closed

Sellafield Ltd is looking for solutions to identify the contents and internal activity levels of flasks that have been used to store or transport radioactive materials, without moving, opening or damaging the flasks.

Wireless, long-term environmental monitoring of nuclear stores

Applications are now closed

Sellafield Ltd would like to remotely monitor the environment inside long-term nuclear product storage facilities by using sensors that can regularly transmit data wirelessly.

Autonomous transportation of nuclear materials

Applications are now closed

Sellafield Ltd is seeking to automate the transportation process of packages housing nuclear materials from legacy stores into new purpose-built facilities for long-term storage, improving efficiency, and maintaining absolute safety and security of carriage.

National Nuclear Laboratory

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