Post Operational Clean Out (POCO)

Applications are now closed

Sellafield Ltd and Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd are looking for innovative technologies to support Post Operational Clean Out.

Techniques to enable the reclassification of waste, approaches to effectively remove hazardous material from cells or process equipment and methods to enable the deployment of tools in hard to access areas are desired

Alternative materials for encapsulation of nuclear waste in a net zero world

Applications are now closed

NNL are seeking alternatives to cement-based solutions for use in nuclear waste encapsulation, which are more fitting for a future net-zero world

General application

Closes on Sunday, 31st of December

Applications for the Game Changers scheme are always welcome for any project or technology which could support nuclear innovation. If you have an idea which you think might be of interest to Sellafield, NNL or Dounreay we'd love to hear from you.

Flexible method of production for thin film targets used in nuclear physics and nuclear medicine experiments

Applications are now closed

The National Nuclear Laboratory are inviting proposals to explore innovative processes or methods to put down thin, metal-based films onto a low atomic mass backing material in a flexible and reproducible manner

Technologies to scale thermochemical methods of hydrogen production

Applications are now closed

The National Nuclear Laboratory are looking for innovations that could overcome the barriers to scaling commercial deployment of thermochemical methods of hydrogen production from water

Stand-off alpha radiation detection under daylight conditions

Applications are now closed

The Atomic Weapons Establishment and National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) are seeking game changing solutions that could enable the remote detection and identification of radiologically hazardous sources of alpha radiation

National Nuclear Laboratory

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