SNM stores inspection - corrosion

Sellafield’s mission to create a safe environment for future generations requires the secure storage of Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) within a purpose-built store for a duration of approximately 100 years. 

The Sellafield site is in a coastal location so the air surrounding the store is humid and salt-laden. Store ventilation is provided by the natural convection of unfiltered air and it is known that the moisture and salt in the air are causing corrosion of steel and aluminium structures within the store. 

Sellafield are seeking solutions that will improve their understanding of the in-store corrosion situation, including physical and chemical analysis of corrosion and reproducible sampling in this difficult to access environment.


Sellafield are seeking innovative solutions that provide:

  • Non-Destructive Evaluation to establish the depth of pitting into the surface of structures caused by corrosion
  • In-situ chemical analysis of corrosion products on both aluminium and stainless-steel structures
  • Measurement of the depth of corrosion in aluminium and stainless-steel structures using a technique that does not require extensive surface preparation
  • The means to remove solid samples from corrosion deposits for later analysis. In some cases, the location of the deposits is already known. It would be helpful to know the precise location from which any samples are taken
  • Sampling of salt deposits on structures within the SPRS cells
  • Sampling of dripping liquors and measurement of drip rate within the cells of the SPRS
  • Measurement of temperature of the aluminium channels and surrounding air
  • Measurement of humidity of the air local to the aluminium channels

Sellafield are seeking solutions that can be rapidly deployed via the inspection ports at the top of the store once Proof of Concept has been established.


Please download the challenge statement for full details of this opportunity.

A challenge briefing webinar will take place on Tuesday 8th November from 1.30pm - 3pm.

Attendance is free. If you'd like to attend the event, please register on Eventbrite.

The closing date for this challenge is 24th November at 12 noon.

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