Event to present opportunities for robotics and artificial intelligence within Sellafield and to showcase cutting-edge robotic technology.

The Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for Nuclear (RAIN) Hub, in collaboration with Game Changers, will host a demonstration event on Thursday 19th September, 2019, at Energus, Workington, Cumbria.

This event will provide a platform for:

  • demonstrating the current use of robotics at Sellafield
  • inviting Sellafield’s workforce to help shape the future role of robotics in decommissioning
  • showcasing next-generation robotic developments
  • presenting the progress of the RAIN Hub
  • stimulating ideas, discussion and future innovation

The event will also be used to highlight specific challenges for which robotic solutions are currently being sought by Sellafield through the Game Changers programme.  Funding and technical support will be available for innovative ideas which can demonstrate the potential to meet Sellafield’s robotic needs.

The event will be used to launch Sellafield’s robotic call for innovation, which will involve three specific challenges:

CHALLENGE 1: Deployment techniques to allow remote working at height in high hazardous areas

Sellafield are seeking a solution that will enable working at height in high hazardous areas.  The deployment technique should be deployable through a 150mm port, with a modular approach to end effectors e.g. characterisation, decontamination and removal of debris from cells.

Download Challenge Document >

CHALLENGE 2. Autonomous removal of Special Nuclear Material (SNM) packages from a store to a transport container for export

Sellafield want to retrieve SNM packages and are seeking a solution capable of replacing their current process, increasing throughput from 200 packages to at least 700 packages per year.

Download Challenge Document >

CHALLENGE 3. Remote inspection of SNM packages

After retrieval of SNM packages from the stores, Sellafield would like to inspect them.  They are seeking a solution capable of inspecting 200 packages per year, and increasing throughput to inspect at least 700 packages per year.

Download Challenge Document >

Delegates will be given further information on the nature of these challenges, constraints, and the solutions being sought.  Applications will be invited, and an explanation of the Game Changers process given.

Following the event, a physical non-active demonstrator will be created at the Robotics for Extreme Environments Laboratory to mimic the environment in which robots will need to be deployed.

Successful applicants will be invited in early 2020 to demonstrate their robots.  The solutions which demonstrate the greatest potential will be progressed through the Game Changers process with funding available to further develop their technology.

Advice and support from RAIN researchers will be available if required.

Who should attend this event?

The event is for organisations who are interested in learning about Sellafield’s robotic challenges and who think they may be able to provide solutions.  It is also for Sellafield staff who will play a role in shaping the use of robotics on site as part of the decommissioning mission.

About the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for Nuclear (RAIN) Hub

The RAIN Hub is a joint research programme that combines academic expertise with industry experience.

Funded as part of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF), RAIN is tasked with accelerating the route to nuclear deployment for RAI technologies developed by its researchers.

RAIN hope to achieve this by listening to end users, regulators, and stakeholders, directing their research accordingly, and demonstrating their technology.