Each applicant responded to specific calls for innovation from the Game Changers Programme, and have been displayed potential for delivering significant improvements above baseline practices at the Sellafield site and, potentially, across decommissioning programmes at other nuclear sites.

Each project demonstrates a quantified value to Sellafield and the wider nuclear industry as well as being ready to leverage 3rd party funding.

All of the projects presented have progressed through the game Changers process and are de-risked, demonstrable, mid-TRL projects ready for further investment, and include:

  • A developed business plan
  • A programme for future technical development
  • A commercialisation route map (e.g. collaboration partners, licensing, IP)

Sealing Defects in Concrete Walls using Molten Bismuth Alloy

Immoblisation of Radionuclides in Ceramics using Freeze Casting

Active Fast Neutron Analysis for Fissile Material Detection

Dexterous Remote Handling Cell

Waste Container Diffusion Bonded Top Flange

Advanced Cementitious Composite ILW Containers / MagnaDense HD Concrete

Waste Container Handling Technology Transfer

Stackable Box Configuration with Increased Corrosion Resistance