Sellafield Ltd aims to reduce the lifetime cost of higher activity waste containers by 50 per cent, while introducing an improved range of containers for transport and long-term storage.

Tens of thousands of such containers will be needed for decades to come, so cutting costs will save billions of pounds while providing long-term opportunities for innovative companies.


Amber Precast is leading the industry sector in the design and development of Advanced cementitious containers for the nuclear sector.

LKAB Minerals supply the nuclear industry  with MagnaDense, a natural high density material for grout and concrete, providing enhanced radiation shielding for new builds and decommissioning applications.


Amber Precast, a sister company of DavyMarkham, have recently helped re-engineer the WAGR box and produced the prototypes for Magnox Limited.

Our grouping has identified modern technologies around the use of fibres in concrete that will provide a robust container and remove the need for collars and internal rebar which is expected to achieve a 50% saving in the cost of each robust concrete box (RCB).

This development is intended to contribute to the NDAs’ challenge to reduce decommissioning costs by half and introduces a new technology to the UK nuclear decommissioning market.


MagnaDense is a naturally occurring material with inherently good radiation attenuation properties.

High density concrete containing MagnaDense has been used on several civil and nuclear projects to provide thinner sections and improved radiation shielding compared to standard concrete.

MagnaDense concrete is a cost effective material solution, suitable for mass production of pre-cast sections without the need for skilled operatives. It has excellent compressive strength, lending itself to stackable containers with excellent drop and impact resistance*, with radiation self-shielding properties.

Additional environmental protection could be obtained by metal or polymer skins.

MagnaDense concrete containers with cementitious encapsulation are currently being investigated by other organisations under the NDA umbrella; research data would be available to Sellafield through the NDA.

*Reinforcing fibres can be employed to improve mechanical properties


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