EVENT: Innovation in Analytical Services – 14 November 2017 at National Physical Laboratory

In association with the National Physical Laboratory, we invite you to join us for a one day ‘challenge’ event where you can bring your innovative techniques, laboratory technologies and solutions to meet the challenges faced by Sellafield’s Analytical Services teams.

Innovation in Analytical Services – Supporting Sellafield’s Decommissioning Mission will take place on  Tuesday 14 November, 2017 at NPL Teddington TW11 0LW

Game Changers programme lead Adrian Davis-Johnston: “We’re delighted to announce this event, the third in 2017 from the Game Changers initiative and following on from the hugely successful innovation events at Nuclear AMRC, Rotherham, in January and the digital and smart technologies day at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, in April.”

At present, analytical operations take place at Sellafield in a facility that is over 50 year’s old and uses processes that were developed 30 to 40 years ago.

“The current laboratory is being phased-out and the majority of the future work will be performed in the National Nuclear Laboratory Central Lab, a facility which is being significantly re-fitted to meet this demand. This presents a great opportunity for new and innovative technologies and techniques to be introduced in support of the Analytical Services teams.”

Sellafield’s Analytical Services Teams are looking for opportunities to improve on the existing technologies in order to meet future demands. The challenge is to explore and develop new techniques and provide fit for purpose instruments capable of supporting both current and future analytical requirements.

Dr Mike Edmondson, Sellafield Ltd: “An Analytical Hierarchy has been developed to direct future analytical operations and associated research and development, and was produced with an understanding of recent advancements in the nuclear analytical arena.”

“The principles prescribed in the hierarchy are being used to direct the analytical development work for the new but there will be new emerging technologies that have the potential to radically change the approach to analysis that Sellafield may be oblivious to.”

The day will introduce personnel from Sellafield’s Integrated Research Teams, presenting specific challenges at interactive presentations and workshops.

The challenge statements are designed to stimulate thinking and are presented as follows:

•  Challenge AS1 : Development of existing techniques to further implement, underpin and deliver the analytical hierarchy.

•  Challenge AS2 : Development of new techniques to further implement, underpin and deliver the Analytical Hierarchy.

•  Challenge AS3 : Utilise recent development in IT, computing and energy storage technology to transform the analytical operations.

• Challenge AS4 : Develop new design solutions for Analytical Services facilities to improve efficiency and operability at reduced cost.

“This grouping is designed to stimulate thinking.” continues Dr Edmondson, “New ideas are crucial to the success of any business and Sellafield Ltd is keen that as many ideas as possible are heard, discussed and developed.”

Who should attend this event?

The event is anticipated to be of particular interest to businesses and academia in the laboratory technology sector, including instrumentation, control and automation.

Game Changers and Sellafield Ltd also welcome interest from organisations operating in other sectors (oil and gas, biosciences etc) who might bring their innovations and technologies into the nuclear decommissioning arena.