January Tech Talk

Wednesday, 26th of January

Game Changers Technology Talks are aimed at anyone who is interested in technical innovation in the nuclear industry, learning about cutting-edge research developments and understanding how the Game Changers programme helps solve challenges which can’t be met with off the shelf solutions.

This month's webinar featured:

Rob Sharratt, Remote Maintenance Systems

The hazardous and congested environments combined with difficult access, mean that decommissioning and dismantling radioactive nuclear cells and gloveboxes is a complex task. Manual decommissioning is hazardous for the operator and extremely time consuming and therefore the development of an effective remote deployment capability may facilitate safer, cheaper decommissioning and reduce secondary waste generation.

RMS is developing a ground-breaking Modular Tube Deployment System (MTDS) to enable access to hazardous nuclear environments efficiently and effectively, while keeping human operatives safely out of harm. The MTDS is a flexible modular solution that can reach diverse different areas within a hazardous environment via an entry point in the roof. Tools and equipment (up to 5kg in mass) can then be deployed into these areas via it, while the operator remains safely outside the area. It is made up of tubes and joints, connected in a series, assembled, and connected from outside the hazardous area using a deployment system.  Flexibility of reach comes via the joints which allow +/- 30 degrees of articulation in 10-degree increments. It is infinitely and easily adaptable.  

In this talk, Rob will provide an outline of the functionality of the MTDS, its possible uses and the staged process of development from initial concept idea through to full scale prototype. 

Sabrina Shirazi, NNUF Hot Robotics

The National Nuclear User Facility for Hot Robotics (NNUF-HR) is an EPSRC funded programme. It assists UK academia and industry to deliver ground-breaking, impactful research into the use of robotics and AI in extreme environments, by providing opportunities to access cutting-edge equipment and expertise. The aim of the NNUF-HR is to support the UK ambition for more cost-effective decommissioning, nuclear new-build, advanced modular fission reactors and future fusion powerplants. Sabrina will share the facilities available via Hot Robotics and how you can access them.

If you missed this month's Technology Talks you can catch up by watching the recording below:

National Nuclear Laboratory

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