Game Changers partner answers call for life-saving PPE

By April 24, 2020Nuclear

A Game Changers’ funded firm, selected to develop ground-breaking technology to help Sellafield meet decommissioning challenges, is answering the desperate call for personal protective equipment (PPE), vital in the fight against Coronavirus.

Sheffield-based Eadon Consulting won funding to develop its REACH (Remote Extendable Access Characterisation and Handling) technology, a modular tool-kit which may be used to provide access to Sellafield’s process cells. And now the company is harnessing its technological expertise to help protect front line personnel working in the most challenging of arenas.

Eadon Consulting started its SheffShield project only two weeks ago but is already producing up to 10,000 face shields a day. The regulation compliant shields are made from recyclable material and can be sterilised, meaning they can be reused. High volumes can be made without having to rely on imported materials.

Game Changers, set up by Sellafield in its quest for the best possible solutions to decommissioning challenges, is delivered by FIS360 working in partnership with the National Nuclear Laboratory. Josephine Tunney, FIS360 Programme Manager, said: “We’re delighted and extremely impressed by the versatility and inventiveness of Eadon Consulting. Game Changers are proud to work with this truly innovative organisation.”