Game Changers


Game Changers announce NNL challenge awards

Published on Thursday, 14th of January

Five applicants awarded funding to address NNL challenges

Sensor Driven prototype to help solve Sellafield storage challenge

Published on Tuesday, 1st of December

Remote sensor system being developed by Sensor Driven to help monitor product container cans

Game Changers welcome new partnership

Published on Thursday, 26th of November

Dounreay joins Sellafield in their quest for innovation decommissioning solutions

Game Changers projects hit record high

Published on Wednesday, 25th of November

A record number of Game Changers projects have achieved funding in a single tranche in response to the three latest Sellafield decommissioning challenges

Collaboration sets sights on improved soil testing

Published on Thursday, 5th of November

Funding awarded to Fraunhofer and the University of Strathclyde to develop soil contamination detection technology

TRIBECA project aims to help Sellafield Ltd improve tritium testing

Published on Thursday, 29th of October

Improvements in the detection and measurement of waterborne tritium are promised through a new Game Changers project based on a collaboration between Hybrid Instruments and Lancaster University

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