Sensor Driven prototype to help solve Sellafield storage challenge

Published on Tuesday, 1st of December

Expert electrical engineers Sensor Driven are building on earlier Game Changers success to help Sellafield Ltd overcome the challenge of monitoring product container cans in long-term storage.

With the backing of Game Changers funding, Sensor Driven proved that sensor components developed to dramatically extend battery life can withstand radiation. They will now create a fully functioning prototype of a remote sensor system to help Sellafield Ltd monitor the condition of product container cans in long-term storage.

Sensor Driven sensor components not only tolerate radiation but they can also detect changes rapidly. They will be capable of functioning for decades without battery replacement meaning they could also be used in new ways and other applications, such as embedding them in equipment and infrastructure during manufacture.

The longevity of sensors without battery replacement is critical when monitoring in areas with problematic access, and especially those in harsh environments.

"We're delighted to have the opportunity to develop our initial Game Changers project to demonstrate its further considerable potential, by proving that our technology works remotely in radiative areas" said Bernard Stark, Director of Sensor Driven.

Simon Malone, Sellafield Ltd Central Technical R & D said: “This is a genuinely exciting project which builds on previous work with Sensor Driven. I’m really looking forward to seeing the prototype which will be delivered and taking the next step towards deploying a remote sensor system.” 

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