The Game Changers Process

Your chance to bring your ideas and technologies to the UK’s largest decommissioning cluster through a simple five stage process.

Stage 1: Calls for innovation are presented as challenge statements, with supporting events to help delegates learn more about the challenges Sellafield is facing.

Stage 2: Do you have an idea, technology or process which will help Sellafield? Then let us know – complete our simple application form and send us a poster.

Stage 3: Great news! Sellafield has reviewed your application and they like what they read. Your project is now eligible for a grant of up to £10,000.

This funding is to help you to work with Sellafield to learn more about their challenge and shape your ideas.  Sellafield may ask you to undertake a small feasibility study, demonstrate your technology or produce small prototypes or models.

At the end of this stage you’ll be asked to produce a business case, including a Proof of Concept programme of work.  Support will be on hand from FIS360 to refine your proposal and maximise your chance of success.

Stage 4: Fantastic – Sellafield like what you have to offer and want to fund you to develop your project at Proof of Concept stage, based on the programme you have developed. This stage is match funded, with Sellafield providing a percentage of the total project costs based on the size and nature of your organisation.
Stage 5: Successfully complete your Proof of Concept project and you’re in a strong position. Game Changers will engage further with Sellafield, with adoption of the technology and deployment the ultimate goal.
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All intellectual property rights stay with the proposer: neither Sellafield Ltd, National Nuclear Laboratory nor any of the Game Changers delivery partners have any IP rights over your ideas and a non-disclosure agreement is provided up front and pre-signed to this effect.

Any type of organisation may make an application to the Game Changers Innovation Programme, however, businesses must hold registered company status. Applications from university departments or teams are covered by their university’s registered status.