Sellafield Ltd. has teamed up with NNL and FIS360 to work with SMEs, universities and larger companies nationwide to unlock the potential for game-changing innovation in pursuit of its decommissioning mission.

Working together, the aim is to encourage innovation and collaboration, matching solutions with challenges and supporting new technologies, ideas, and methods which can accelerate the delivery of the challenging decommissioning programme, reducing the cost, reducing the risk and making operations safer.

National Nuclear Laboratory

NNL play a key role in the UK and global nuclear industry, reducing the cost of clean-up and decommissioning, maintaining critical skills and attracting talented new people to the industry.

Succeeding Nexia Solutions Ltd and originally operated by BNFL, NNL was formed from a consortium made up of Serco, Battelle Memorial and Manchester University in 2009. Today the key objective is to help to safeguard and develop nuclear expertise and laboratories across a number of different sites.

They are the only UK organisation with the specialist skills, facilities and expertise to provide the dedicated technical support to all aspects of the nuclear industry.


Supporting early stage technologies from concept to commercial product, FIS360 are a small, focused and energetic company who provide support services from assessing the viability of new technology from early stage concepts and business planning to intellectual property strategy.

A proven track record of assessing technologies of interest to the nuclear sector, the work of FIS360 has been used by UK research councils and professional technology transfer bodies as examples of best practice.

FIS360 can boast significant hands-on and operational expertise in many aspects of commercialising early stage technologies across diverse industry sectors, both in the UK and in international markets – Europe, North America, the Middle East and Far East.