As part of an application to Game Changers, you must submit a poster presentation.

Rather than wishing to make the application process too onerous or lengthy, the poster is an opportunity for applicants to graphically communicate their project or technology to review and assessment panels, and to convey the benefits of the innovation in a visually engaging format.

What is the purpose of the poster?

Your poster is an essential visual communication tool that allows you to present your project in a clear, concise and engaging graphic format to Sellafield as well as external funders or potential collaborators.

Your poster presentation is a vital aspect of your application and it should clearly convey information to help initiate discussions and stimulate conversations. Attracting interest could be the springboard for further investment.

We strongly recommend taking time to plan your poster, thinking impartially about the specifics of your project and the content you would like to include.

Posters need to communicate information clearly and quickly, with text and visual elements serving to delineate different sections and direct attention to key project features or functionality.

The opportunity to attract attention is limited, so poster presentations need to be both visually appealing as well as making the information easy to take on board and digest.

A clean and easy-to-read poster also makes use of helpful visual cues such as photography, charts, diagrams etc. The poster should be able to stand on its own as a clear and logical presentation of your project, without any explanation from you.

Where will the poster be used?

The poster will be displayed at internal events attended by Sellafield and NNL staff and Game Changers delivery partners, as well as being circulated electronically to relevant Sellafield and NNL staff.

Should there be a requirement to distribute the poster to a wider or external audience, we will request your permission in advance.