Gamma optical video imaging


Technology summary

Based on technology developed for medical imaging by the Universities of Leicester and Nottingham, Gamma Optical Video Imaging (GOVI) combines optical and gamma imaging to produce a real-time display of the area being scanned. GOVI can provide the operator with an image showing the location, size, shape and relative activity of gamma emitting materials. Due to the design of the camera, this can be done in real time without the need for post-processing – this means the camera can operate in video mode, constantly updating the images as the camera is moved.

The underlying technology has undergone extensive development for medical applications, but the requirements for nuclear decommissioning are different. Researchers at Loughborough University have been working with Game Changers and Sellafield to identify the adaptations needed. They are currently producing a Proof of Concept device which they hope will be used for a live demonstration on the Sellafield site.

Key benefits and applications

The GOVI technology is portable and easy to deploy, it could be operated while handheld or mounted on an arm for imaging at distance. The key application identified for the technology is during Post Operational Clean Out, one aspect of which may require operators to manually clean areas of congested gloveboxes, potentially with restricted motion and poor visibility. The camera could be operated inside gloveboxes to identify areas which need to be focussed on and to monitor when a suitable end point for cleaning is reached.

The technology offers the following benefits:

  • ‘Postable’ through a standard 6-inch glove port
  • Delivers simultaneous, co-aligned gamma and optical images
  • Offers relative activity quantification
  • Provides real time imaging (i.e. a video feed with no reconstruction time needed)
  • Delivers high spatial resolution – shapes of distributed sources can be seen or close sources separated
National Nuclear Laboratory

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