EVENT: Smart Technology and Digital Solutions – 6 April 2017 at MoSI, Manchester


In collaboration with Sellafield Ltd and the University of Manchester Knowledge Exchange Team, we invite you to join us for a one day ‘challenge’ event where you can bring your innovative smart technologies and digital solutions to meet the challenges of nuclear decommissioning.

Smart Technology and Digital Solutions – Supporting the Nuclear Decommissioning Mission will take place on Thursday 6 April, 2017, at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

The day will introduce the Sellafield Integrated Innovation Teams, presenting the specifics of these latest decommissioning challenges, including Dr Mike Edmondson:

“The clean-up and decommissioning of the Sellafield site is a complex process, with significant challenges presented by the interconnectivity and hazardous nature of the environments involved. Significant advances could be made if clean up and decommissioning plans could be made on a comprehensive, robust datasets.”

“Human access to many facilities is limited or not possible; furthermore, datasets that have been generated have been archived in many different formats over decades of operation.”

“The use of smart and digital solutions to generate new or compile existing information into an accessible, tangible format to permit formulation of robust plans would drive down costs and accelerate decommissioning timescales.”


We are delighted to announce Nick Chrissos, Head of Innovation Technology for Cisco in UK and Ireland, has been confirmed as the event headline speaker who shall be presenting at the morning session.

With more than 20 years in product development, marketing and sales, Nick’s previous roles have included the CTO of Collaboration in UK and the Head of Unified Communications Technology in Europe. A dynamic thought leader and an ambassador for Cisco, Nick has a particular passion for exploring the way cutting edge technologies can transform the way we work, live and play.

The event will follow a similar format to the highly successful day at Nuclear AMRC in Rotherham where over 200 delegates engaged in highly energetic and insightful sessions covering the challenges facing smart technology and digital solutions in nuclear decommissioning. It is an interactive format, with delegates invited to contribute in discussions and bring ideas and solutions from their own industry sector and organisations.

Companies who are focused in smart technologies and digital solutions, typically in the fields of:

• Real time radiometric measurement of gaseous effluent
• Aerial gas sensor specialists
• Detectors and sensor networks
• Big data, analytics, data mining
• Legacy dataset conversion
• Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
• Imaging and modelling
• Automated monitoring and testing
• Robotics
• Remote asset care and monitoring
• Reducing energy / raw material consumption

Any companies with the knowledge, experience, ideas, solutions and/or early stage technologies which might help accelerate the decommissioning programme at Sellafield. These can be SMEs or large corporations, academia or individuals.

There is no requirement for previous experience of working for or within the nuclear (or decommissioning) sector, and we positively welcome those wishing to attend who may bring technologies and solutions from other industries.

We also ask that attendees come with an open mind and are willing to engage with the open group format where we emphasise ‘no idea is a bad idea’!

Information from the day, plus all of the presentations shall be published post-event. Anyone wishing to further their interest will be invited to apply to the Game Changers programme where their technology / solution will be assessed in detail.



This event also takes place immediately after the Manchester Industry 4.0 Summit and it is anticipated that there will be much to interest those attending both events.

Further event details will be published here in due course, as well as being posted to the Game Changers Twitter account and LinkedIn Group Page.